Home Inspection and Construction White Papers           

Decker Home Inspection Service

Here are some helpful and informative papers and articles about houses and home related issues.


Water Leaking Above Windows and Doors (Why, and how to fix it)

The Most Common Defect Found in Home Inspections (And it is getting more and more common).

10 Common Household Dangers (Common safety hazards that are easily and inexpensively fixed)

What is a Home Inspection (What, exactly, to Home Inspectors do and why should you hire one?)

It's Not The Water, It's The Humidity (Water is entering your house through the air)

The Special Problems of New Construction houses (Just because it's new, does not mean it has no defects)

A Guide to Foundation Cracks (Is the crack in your foundation serious or simple)

The Little (really BIG) Secret about New Construction Houses (Have you signed your warranty away?)

Common Construction Myths and Misconceptions (You really don't know what you think you know)

The End of Split Faced Block Buildings? (A new, disturbing finding.)

Sealing Split Faced Block does not stop water intrusion problems. (The better, long term and permanent fix)

The Solution to the Split Faced Block Building Problem (New program to guard against split faced block problems)

Water Retention in Split Faced Block Buildings (How to fix it right the first time)

The Problem with Wooden Roof-Top Decks in Chicago (Why do people ruin their flat roofs?)

Electro-Magnetic Field Inspections.  A real problem or just a scam? (Are electromagnetic fields really a problem)

Building Codes are not guaranteed to keep you safe (Local building codes are only a bare minimum standard)

Homeowner Responsibility (What home owners have to do for themselves.)

Mold Problems (and Solutions) in Houses (All about mold in in your home)

Split Faced Block Construction, New Problems (Will we see structural collapses in thousands of Chicago buildings?)

Problems with masonry building envelopes in Chicago (Why do Architects get it wrong?)

What is Efflorescence? (A growing problem in the Chicago area)

Evaluation of Masonry Residential Buildings (Water Intrusion in Chicago Condominiums)

Split Faced Block Construction in the Chicago Area (A big problem with an even bigger one on the way!)

How Chicago's Old Brick Buildings Are Being Destroyed (Modern masons are not well trained)

The truth about general contractors, sub-contractors and home repairs (How to avoid costly mistakes in home repairs and remodeling)

How to keep your basement from flooding, and what to do after it floods.

Adjustable Steel Column Problems

Ice Dams.  Their causes, dangers and cures

Fiberglass insulation, its problems and solutions

Bathroom Exhaust Fans (Usually improperly installed and can cause mold formation)

Proper Deck Construction (Illustrated. Many decks are unsafe!  Also applies to wooden porches.)

National Association of Home Builders - Appliance Life Expectancies.

OSB vs. Plywood.  Which is better? Comparing OSB to Plywood in home construction.