Most new home builders offer a warranty, usually for either 12 or 18 months after the sale.  During this period, if anything breaks or you notice something that the contractor may have missed during construction, you are able to contact the builder and he will fix it for free.  Unfortunately, this is not always the way things work in real life.

Often, the builder will delay, or claim, “Hey, we built it to the code”.  Do you want to live with those excuses?

Most defects are inexpensive to fix, but if left unfixed they can lead to bigger problems.

Certified and Licensed Home Inspectors go above and beyond mere local municipal building codes.  They are not concerned with only checking to the minimum standard, but for your maximum safety and satisfaction and value.  They work for you and want your home to continue to be safe, comfortable and worry free for a long, long time.

Every inspection generates a comprehensive, written and legally defined Home Inspection Report.  This document leaves your builder with no wiggle room and no excuses.  If a Home Inspector says there is a problem, there is a problem, and the Home Inspector has the weight of State Law, Standards and a National Professional Associations backing him, and you up.

A Builder’s Warranty Inspection may also reveal problems and conditions that may be due to inadequate maintenance.  Windows must be re-caulked on occasion.  Drain sumps should be cleaned.  Furnace filters must be changed.  Was the problem caused by lack of regular maintenance or because of the builder’s forgetfulness?

A Builder’s Warranty Inspection is really the final step in buying any newly built home.