Some articles to help you better understand the home buying and the home inspection process:

All About Furnaces

What type of furnace does your house have, how to maintain it and what options are there for improvement.

What is a Home Inspection? 

(What is a Home Inspection?  Wasn’t the house already code inspected?  Why should I have, and pay for, another inspection?)

Why Inspect a New House?

(This house was just built, why should I have to have another inspection?)

Top 10 Home Inspection Common Defects

(Most commonly seen, dangerous defects)

Inspection Problems for New Construction

(Defects that are commonly found in newly built houses.)

What is wrong with houses in the Chicago area?

(What kind of problems do Chicago houses have?)

New houses need a Certified Master Inspector once over.

(Why Chicago code inspectors will not find all the problems in new construction)

Roof Decks, and their problems, in Chicago

(Everyone wants to live in the city, have open space, but they live in a condominium building)