Customers are the reason for any business.  Exceed expectations and serve the client!  Home inspections are especially crucial because of the large amount of money involved, as well as the anxiety level of the clients.  They want andneed to know the condition of their new home.

We treat each of our customers as if they were family.  And they have responded in the same way.

Trust is one of the most important aspects to what we do.  Buying, selling or building a home is a very emotional experience.  Besides the considerable amount of money involved, a home is the most important possession a family can have.  Families eat, sleep, study, unwind, grow, laugh, cry and just plain live in their home.  A building is a building is a building, but a house is a Home!

One of the most important requirements for a home inspector is gaining the client’s trust.  If the client doesn’t trust you, they won’t listen to you and won’t read the inspection report and won’t call you if they have questions.  This can lead to a client not understanding a significant safety issue.  It can even lead to serious injury, and even death.

Our client’s trust us.  Read their comments (below) for yourself.  There is no other way to operate in this profession.

We inspect each and every home as if our children were going to live there (I know because I have inspected my own daughter’s new house).  We promise to bring the same level of professionalism, personal care and follow up to every inspection we do.

Will Decker  (Decker Home Services, LLC) provided us with a home inspection in April, 2008.  Our daughter and her husband are going to buy our home after we move to Hawaii.  We’ve lived in our home for 32 years.  Our daughter was quite apprehensive about owning a home since she and her husband lived in a condo and wasn’t familiar with the responsibilities of taking care of a house.  My husband has always managed to fix things around the house by researching the problem but we had many questions as well.  We wanted to make sure we were handing over a home to our daughter and her family that was in the best shape possible.


Will came and spent quite a bit of valuable time with us checking every corner of the house for problems and code standards.  He spent time at each juncture explaining things to our daughter and giving a lot of wonderful house care hints.  The inspection report later detailed all the areas we should and could work on.


My husband and I came away from our association with Will feeling very confident and good about passing on our home and our daughter could not stop beaming about how much more assured she felt knowing Will was around for her to ask questions to and how he explained clearly what she needed to do to maintain the home. 


Thank you, Will, for all your help and excellent information.  You were able to answer all our questions and provide us with links to other sources for more services as well.  We’re amazed at the depth of your knowledge. 

Art and Kay




Thank you again for taking care of my clients once again with such professionalism and satisfaction!  I know that when I recommend you, my clients feel well taken care of.  I so appreciate it and having you on my team!


I’ve recommended you twice now, the (Client name and address withheld) and the (Client name and address withheld), and it is a pleasure to know that I do not have to worry about the inspector.  You not only will inspect the home to the ultimate with knowledge, but educate my clients as to their homes and the issues that may be present without alarming them because you educate them.


What else could I want as a Realtor?  Thanks again, you are much appreciated.

  Wishing you a great day!”


Vicki Nelson, Realtor

Wilmette, IL



“You you did an exceptional job with our home inspection. Though the inspection itself was very thorough, I found the customer service to be far beyond any expectation. It’s very hard to find someone who will follow-up up with you after a service has already been provided. I have had numerous follow-up questions and all have been met with fast responses (be it e-mail or phone). Also in terms of the actual inspection, there were many preventative maintenance tips that you recommended, which other inspectors wouldn’t have mentioned (I feel we have benefited greatly form these tips). All in all I feel like we walked away with a lot more than just a run of the mill home inspection, I feel we started a good partnership.”


Paul Deahl

Arlington Heights, IL



Just wanted to say thanks again for stopping by this morning. Your inspection was very thorough and I have already recommended you to my attorney (her contact information is listed below). I will also spread the word to a few other friends of mine who are brokers here in Chicago. We look forward to getting your report (and I promise we will read it and follow-up on your recommendations!)”


M. Andreasen

Chicago, IL


“Mr. Decker,
I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help throughout my house purchasing experience. Two months ago, I had quite a bit of anxiety about buying a house that I would have to manage and maintain. Now that I have the inspection report prepared by Decker Home Services, I am much less anxious. I feel well informed about the house’s current state and about the future upkeep necessary for this home. Thank you for your professional, thorough, and honest approach to home inspection. Your report will be my roadmap for home maintenance. ”  
 B.A. Jacob
Oak Park, IL



Your thorough inspection of our new home was one of the key factors in helping us decide to go ahead with the purchase.  We also learned some important homeowner tips for maintenance and upkeep (even though we have been homeowners for over 25 years).  You are definitely the man to have on our side!  Many Thanks.



George and Theresa Simon

Willowbrook, IL”


“We are happy to know that your service is available when needed, and have always found you to be reliable and your charges to be very reasonable, considering what we got.”

Bill and Esther Lang

Skokie, IL



“Yours is the most complete and thorough home inspection report I have ever seen!”


Lee Scott Perres

Real Estate Attorney

Chicago, IL



Our congregation recently hired Will Decker to inspect a new synagogue building we are buying.  As a Rabbi, one of my worst nightmares would be to purchase a facility that would demand too much repair and upkeep expense.  Mr. Decker did an extremely thorough job of examining and then reporting on both the needed repairs as well as areas of the building that were in excellent condition.  After his inspection I feel both the confidence to purchase as well as the assurance of knowing what our immediate facility needs will be. Thanks Will!


R. Kirk Gliebe


Devar Emit Messianic Jewish Outreach

Skokie, IL

Hi Will,
Tami and I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing all your advice throughout the 4 hour home inspection process in Glencoe. And the inspection report was outstanding.

My officemate, XXX, just moved here from Texas and will have need of a home inspection when he buys a home in 6-12 months.

So I’m doing the intro so he can reach you when needed.


Will is one of only a handful of the highest certified home inspectors in Illinois.  His inspection report blew away that of the selling agent’s inspector which we read as well.

You should definitely use him when the time comes.


P. V., Glencoe




Thanks again for coming down and investigating our condo

condition. It was a pleasure meeting you and we will be sure to give out your name to friends and colleagues who may need your services.

Take care,
Melissa Maclay

Chicago, IL”  (Thermal Imaging inspection of water leak problem)


Thank you for the excellent report. I have given it to the builder and am awaiting his comments. It’s a pleasure to be served by experienced individuals like yourself.”

Don Urban
Marengo, IL”  (Energy Audit Inspection on New Construction)



Thank you SO much for your professional help and advice on Monday. I received the report and it looks terrific.

Thank you again for all your help.”


E. Witler

Chicago, IL




Thank you very much for doing our inspection this past Thurs. in Logan Square.  Your Inspection was extremely informative and (the) report is outstanding.”


Thanks again.

Mike Field

Glenview, IL



“Decker Home Services provides superior and friendly home inspection services.  Will is very knowledgeable, thorough, and follows up. He picks up on issues that are not obvious.

I was able to get a lot resolved thanks to his professional approach.  He also offers useful practical tips on using the home which is a nice extra benefit.

The after inspection service was and will be very welcome.”


Philippe Hoste

Chicago, IL



“Will Decker is honest, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”


Evelyn and Sam Soroka

Skokie, IL


We hired Decker Home Services to inspect the extensive renovations made to our old (built 1862) Victorian home.  I consider my self somewhat of an amateur expert on older architecture, but Will just blew me away with his understanding of exactly how my house was originally built and how it could best be renovated.  Will is awesome.


Rob and Karen Swearon

Kenilworth, IL



Thank you for your services.  You are a life saver.


Clement and Huguette Masliah

Skokie, IL


Did I say “thank you?”
You more than lived up to your referral in my mind. You studiously inspected the place, put the problems in language I can understand, and gave me all the information needed to make informed moves. I appreciate that you were flexible as to when you could get there and that you exceeded what I would have asked you to do.
You can use me as a reference for other potential customers.

Alan Hahn

Blue Island, IL