One of the great American dreams is to have a custom built house, one that you thought about, researched and planned especially for you and your family.  It should fit like a glove and be as familiar as that old, comfortable pair of sneakers.

You sit down with your Architect and lay it all out, every detail.  Cherry cabinets, oak floors, marble tile for the shower stall and that special shade of paint for the kid’s room.

One way to ensure that your dream turns out exactly as you have planned it is to hire a Licensed, Certified and Professional Home Inspector to watch over every phase of your new home’s construction.  He will work with your builder to make sure that there are no surprises with your dream.

Building code inspectors only inspect to local municipal code standards, which are a bare minimum standard.  Professional Home Inspectors check every detail of the construction process and inspect to the much higher standards of their national professional associations.  In addition, your Home Inspector will be keenly aware of your own, personal concerns and needs, making sure that everything is done to your standards, not those of a mere code inspector.

Home Inspectors should be brought in at the beginning of the project, to help with the planning, double check the contractor’s specifications and make sure that you are kept fully informed at every step along the way.  He is a licensed professional that will represent your interests alone.  He is not there to ‘check up’ or criticize your builder, but to partner with him and make sure that your dreams are fulfilled.

Phased construction inspections are usually done on an hourly basis, but can be quoted as a flat fee.  With a cost of less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the houses construction costs, it is a simple decision to make.  Have a Professional on your side, working for you and looking out for your special interests.