Inspection Picture Gallery

Here are a few examples of the things that home inspectors find.  Hover the mouse over the picture for a description.

Interior wall of living room.  Side wall / roof intersection flashing had failed. Thermal image of interior wall showing water intrusion from improper flashing in wall and ceiling behind drywall.
Leak in shower enclosure with water entering behind tile wall.
Rear porch ledger board cracked.  Caused by wet, swelling wood. Temporary screw jack used as a permanent post to support a floor beam.  Post also not properly footed.
Masonry support pier in crawlspace notched to allow plumbing drain pipe. Support beam shifted causing screw jack to twist.  This is why screw jacks are not allowed.
Scorching of ceiling tiles because over wattage lightbulbs used. Improper electrical receptacle installation.
Improperly installed, and very unsafe, disposer installation.  Not properly grounded and using non-compliant wiring. Improper, and unsafe, light fixtures above a shower.  Only special light fixtures, specifically designed for unstallation in wet areas, are allowed.
Mold and wood rot in an attic because the bathroom exhaust fan was not properly vented. Non-professional installation of chimney flashing.  Plastic roofing cement should not be used in stead of proper metal flashing.
Thermal image of water and cold air intrusion caused by ice damming at the roof eave. Fire damaged rafters and roof deck planks.  Incomplete and cheap repair after a fire.
Sagging roof ridge cause by cracked ridgeboard. Mold growth in a foreclosed house.  Mold caused by high humidity in vacant house with improper "winterizing".