Are you thinking about rehabbing the old house or remodeling the kitchen, bathroom or turning the basement into a recreation room.  This can be a daunting task and cost a lot!  Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the job yourself, how can you sure that you don’t waste time or money?

A licensed and certified Home Inspector can help.  Home Inspectors keep track of the latest techniques and new materials and most modern appliances and new technology.  It helps to have an expert in your corner.

We have extensive training and experience in how to do things right and how to avoid the most common pitfalls:

  • Disreputable Contractors.  Are you experienced enough to tell the difference between a good, quality contractor and a fly-by-night scam artist?  We are.  Let us check it out for you.
  • Do you know how to read a construction contract?  How do you know that the contract specifies what you actually want, as opposed to how the contractors usually does things.  Are the proper quality materials being used.  Is the contractor using the newest (and usually less expensive) techniques.
  • Ever had a roofer tell you that you don’t need new flashings or that it would be OK to simply install the new shingles on the old ones?  This is a common mistake.  Any reputable roofer knows how to do more that just pound nails into shingles.  What, exactly, is he contracting to do?  Better to find out before you give him your that first, non-refundable payment.
  • Are there quicker, easier, less expensive and safer ways to do the work you want done.  Home Inspectors know all the tricks, keep informed on all the new products, materials and methods.  Why not have it done right the first time?
  • Home Inspectors cannot, by law, refer specific contractors. We don’t take kick-backs or try to keep our brother-in-law employed.  We work for you!  We will keep you informed and help you evaluate every aspect of the project, from planning right through final inspection, before you make the last payment.


Why not get a Home Inspector on your side?