Owners of rental apartments, townhouses or homes often have their own, special, set of problems.  Having owned rental property for more than 20 years, I know that one of the biggest headaches comes when it is time for a lease to end.

Renter’s also have the problem of a landlord keeping some or all of the security deposit for items that are just regular wear and tear.

Why not have an objective, impartial and State Licensed Home Inspector evaluate the rental property before and after the lease.  Help eliminate surprises for both parties.

There is always something that is needs fixing, either before a new lease of at the end or it.  Then the finger pointing begins.  Is the damage normal wear-and-tear or was it caused by the tenant?  What was the original condition of the property at the beginning of the lease?  With new municipal and state laws that enforce the landlord’s returning of security deposits, how can a landlord protect themselves from being sued?  On the other hand, how can a renter avoid having the landlord claim that damage that was actually the result of normal usage was broken by the tenant?  Can these problems be avoided to everyone’s satisfaction?

A low cost Home Inspection of the rental unit, at the beginning of the lease, and again at the end, will provide an objective standard that everyone can believe and rely on.  A Home Inspection Report and, if necessary, the testimony of the inspector at any court hearing, will provide both parties, Landlords and Tenants, with the fair and unbiased support needed to avoid such headaches.

Security Deposit Home Inspections are an inexpensive way of ensuring that there are no surprises.