Water through the ceiling?  It is not always the roof causing the leak.

In the Chicagoland area, starting in the early 1990’s,  many small multiple unit condominium and single family “townhome” style houses were built.  And a lot of them have real problems with water intrusion.

Many of these buildings were built using a product called split faced block (rough surfaced Concrete Masonry Unit, CMU) as a single block thick wall, but they were also built using the commonly known cinder block (smooth faced CMU) as well as double part, brick exterior, CMU interior structure walls.  While the construction technique used may vary, they all share one characteristic…  They leak.

Our company is known as expert in inspecting and evaluating these buildings, but we don’t fix them.  Instead, we have worked with multiple contractors, all of them professional and specially trained in dealing with the real causes of the water problems.

We don’t refer anyone who we do not know, personally, and have vetted for honesty as well as professional expertise.  And we work closely with them to solve your problems.

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